About Us

Meet the Owner

Octaviana Richardson is a native of Inkster, Mi. She later moved to Roanoke, Va in 2009. She began her path to wellness and healing her own womb after giving birth to her amazing son Adrian in 2012. It all got started because Adrian's shoulders got stuck and steamed helps with scar tissue. 


Later on Octaviana was reintroduced to steaming and found out how it helps with irregular cycles, cramps and the brown streaks that a lot of women experiences after a cycle. Octaviana began steaming regularly and noticed a major difference. Ok cool that was amazing and that's when the research began. She looked up the history of steaming and saw that it was a practiced by our ancestors in every culture.

In 2017 Octaviana began her formal studies in women’s reproductive health at Queen of Body Sculpture in Southfield, MI where she received her VSteam practitioner license and is now a facilitator and helps women around the world start they own business. Octaviana prides herself in handmaking all her products and ensuring only the finest ingredients goes into each item and is done with love and you in mind!


Octaviana is the founder, owner, and operator of The Sweet Spot Yoni Steams where healing every "womb around the world is her goal.